1/11/2014 Authentic, flavorful Korean food in a mini mall store front environment. I hate to write a review because I would hate for this place to get crowded, but it is one of the best and most authentic places in Annandale.
  Good prices with pretty good service for a Korean joint, they are especially good with soups and stews.
  Start with the sea food pancake appetizer and explore the menu. There may be some risks in there for ex less adventurous eater, but worth it.
  Great lunch stop, big bowl of soup with a plethora of side dishes for a great price.
Try it soon!

“5 stars. What a pleasant experience. Wait staff didn't bugger us (typically elsewhere: "Izzzz ever-y-thing allll-riiiite???", asked 2 minutes before you go to calculate your tip). When we finished up our portion of kim-chi early, more was whisked in, unasked. We were cared for quietly.” Yelp Review

“Very good food and friendly service. The meat is grilled in the kitchen, not in front of you like other Korean BBQ in the area. This is to your benefit, as the meat is cooked to perfection. We walked in as they were making their dumplings, so we tried them steamed and they were very good. Overall a great place to eat.” Yahoo! Local

“ I gravitate toward the enormous bowls of soup: baby clams and crumbled tofu in a spicy dark red stock that brings tears to my eyes; kimchi with fatty bites of pork; or a milk-colored broth of marrow with shaved beef that is ordinary on its own but becomes enormously satisfying with a dash of salt, a sprinkle of chopped scallions and a dollop of chili paste.” [Editor's Pick] Washington Post's GoingOutGuide

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Gom Ba Woo 곰바우 오랜 전통을 자랑하는곰바우는 오랜 전통의 가마솥 깊은데서 우러나오는 탕음식뿐만아니라  한식의 명가로서 각종 한식을 만들어 왔습니다.
Annandale, VA 버지니아 애난데일 워싱톤 디씨지역중 한인 업소가 즐비한 버지니아 애난데일에 위치하고 있어서 많은 한인들이 즐겨찾는 곳일뿐만 아니라 많은 외국인들도 그맛을 잊지못해 또 찾는 곳입니다.

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